Food Allergy School CANpaign: Here is our first video explaining the CANpaign

1 Book. 1,000 Elementary Schools. (… in 50 days!)

I’m excited about the video. Enjoy. Please share!


About the Food Allergy School CANpaign. I am hoping to send copies of my book Land of Not to 1,000 elementary schools across the nation (and the world). The book raises awareness about food allergies and also contains an online teacher’s guide and handouts to help young people embrace an asset-based mindset. I’m appealing to people to buy a book and donate it to a school.

In addition to trying to get my book in schools across the nation, I also will continue to use my blog and social media to educate and advocate for children with allergies and their families. Throughout the CANpaign, I will take the words of CAN and show parents how embracing these words will help their children have success in school.


The goal of the Food Allergy School CANpaign is to mail 1,000 copies of Land of Not to schools across the country and the world. We must raise awareness about food allergies and share the principles of CAN with children everywhere.

In addition to raising food allergy awareness in schools everywhere, the mission of the CANpaign is also focussed on the success of individuals living with food allergies: By deliberately applying the principles of a CAN mindset to navigating their food allergies in school, students with food allergies will reach their potential academically, socially, emotionally and, ultimately, personally. 


JJ Vulopas is a senior at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. An advocate for young people, JJ has lived with food allergies his entire life. He is the author of the children's book, Land of Not. You can read his daily blog at and follow him @thelandofcan on Twitter and Instagram.