Food Allergy CAN Opener: Brandon LaBella


Brandon LaBella is always a source of inspiration for me. Here he is sharing the lessons from my book with students in Hong Kong. LaBella has an infectious entrepreneurial spirit and a big heart! But don’t take my word for it… check out his awesome blog and read his book, The Journey To Failing Freely: How To Find Fulfillment By Letting Yourself Fail.

Brandon is a graduate from the College of William and Mary with severe food allergies to all dairy, nuts, fish, and, as he points out in his bio, negativity. His past experience of not being fully awake to his potential has motivated him to teach others how to become the best possible version of themselves, experiencing each day with the freedom to feel alive being their own authentic self. Brandon is a world traveler to 45 Countries and 40 states, an unofficial World Record Holder for Fastest Marathon on Crutches at the NYC Marathon, and has previously worked for IBM, NASA, Ministry of Tourism of Bali, and research for the US Government.