Situation Food Allergy: Does your child still eat the soup?

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Situation Food Allergy. Does your child eat the soup?

BLOG POST #115 — Your 14-year-old daughter, who is allergic to dairy and peanuts, is spending the night at your sister's house. They know the seriousness of the allergy, and you always feel safe when she's there. Besides, she loves spending time with her cousins.

When you drop her off, your brother-in-law is excited to tell you all about the special safe soup he's making.

"I got this recipe from an allergy safe cookbook," he says, as he reviews all the ingredients with you. "I even made sure all the spices I used are brand new. This just has to simmer another hour or so and we'll be ready to eat!"

Indeed you feel comfortable. "Enjoy the soup," you say to your daughter as you leave.

About an hour later, your daughter and her cousins are sitting at the table getting ready to eat. That's when she sees her uncle's mistake. He tastes the soup directly from the large pot. Same spoon. Twice. 

Then he ladles the steaming soup from the pot into the bowls and places them on the table.

"Dig in," he says proudly. "I worked all day on this. I hope you like it."

What does your daughter do? 


JJ Vulopas is a rising senior at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. An advocate for young people, JJ has lived with food allergies his entire life. He is the author of the children's book, Land of Not. You can read his daily blog at and follow him @thelandofcan on Twitter and Instagram.