Food Allergy Can Opener: Mom

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Food Allergy Can Opener: MOm, who taught me how to be an advocate

The Food Allergy Can Opener in my life is my mom. She has been an advocate for my younger brother for the past 16 years, and she was the one who paved the way for me to do the work that I do. When I first began my work with my platform, “Don’t Get Nutty,” I was overwhelmed. I did not know where to start, how to go about this, what my main focus would be, etc. My mom helped guide me through the entire process of creating an effective platform to share my brother’s story and create a safer and more inclusive world for those with food allergies.

She is a fierce advocate herself. Being a food allergy parent is not easy, but she has handled every challenge with grace. I learned balance from her as well. She has worked hard to balance safety with fun for my brother. Because of all that she has done to educate fellow parents and keep my brother safe, she is a Food Allergy Can Opener.

Guest Blogger Jaime Gialloreto has the keys to The Land of Can for the entire week. Jaime, who is Miss New Jersey 2018, studies Communications at Loyola University Maryland. Her inspiration for food-allergy advocacy stems from her younger brother Michael who has had multiple allergies and anaphylaxis since the age of 9-months-old. Read her posts this week on

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Additional information about #ohpacan is below & on our GoFundMe page.

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My mission is to raise food allergy awareness and empower ALL young people in EVERY elementary school across the nation to live in The Land of Can! 

First, we're starting with schools in two states: Ohio & Pennsylvania.

Introducing phase one: OH CAN & PA CAN.

With the help of two amazing organizations — the Allison Rose Foundation and Red Sneakers for Oakley —  we will provide each of the 1,738 public elementary schools in Ohio and each of the 1,619 public elementary schools in Pennsylvania with a special children's book, authentic food allergy resources and CAN empowerment tools that will help all kids soar!

This CANpaign enables us to establish the Land of Can in every public elementary school in Ohio and Pennsylvania (for $17.50 per school!) Each school will receive:

Land of Not: Allison Rose Foundation Edition (Created especially for schools in Ohio.)

Land of Not: Red Sneakers for Oakley Edition (Created especially for schools in Pennsylvania.)

• 136-page Teacher’s PDF Guide To Land of Not and to the 13 Words of CAN that all students should know.

The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching Kids Who Can’t Eat Nuts & Bolts (& soy & dairy & peanuts...) Written by veteran teachers, this eBook will empower educators to confidently teach students with food allergies to succeed. 

• Password-protected access to the online tools to teach the 13 Words of Can, including podcasts with experts, creative activities, reproducible handouts, fun videos, and much, much more.  For the past two years, I have been working with the nation’s top minds to create an authentic resource that educators (and parents) can use to teach ALL elementary students how to live an asset-based life. All educators & parents from each elementary school will have unlimited access. 

• Password-protected access to our ONLINE FOOD ALLERGY SCHOOL RESOURCES suite. For the past two years, I have been working with experts to create an authentic, accessible resource that will feature columns, scenarios, podcasts, etc. for teachers, administrators, parents and school staff. By using best practice and authentic voices to raise awareness for all, we can transform how schools empower their teachers and those who interact with students who have food allergies.

In addition to sending materials to all schools, we also will donate Land of Not book and materials to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

All schools in the CANpaign will receive the information in August 2019, just in time for the start of the new school year!

The food allergy community is a strong community, but this campaign transcends food allergies. This isn't just about children with food allergies. This campaign is about empowering all kids. This CANpaign needs your help. Our children need your help. Your donation will provide our special edition children's book, food allergy resources and CAN empowerment tools to the schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania, setting the stage for us to immediately continue campaigns in other states!

Anyone who donates on the GoFundMe page will have their name printed in every book we send to the schools. (Also, everyone who supported our initial school CANpaign last September will also have your names listed too!)

How many schools will you support today? Please visit our GoFundMe page to contribute.