I am JJ: You might be a food allergy parent if...

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Blog Post #142 — During my Saturday food allergy podcast with my parents, we talked about how they always assume any ailment I have must be related to my allergy. When I was in ninth grade and twisted my ankle, my mom's first question was, "What did you eat?"

The response to that post was a buffet of  "I do that too!" and "Yep!" and "Guilty here!"

I really thought my parents were unusually extreme. Nope. I was wrong. That got me thinking. I know some of the strange stuff my parents have done.  What else do Food Allergy Parents do? 

Giving credit to Jeff Foxworthy... You might be a food allergy parent if...

You take your own toaster on trips.

Your cake decorating skills rival Buddy the Cake Boss. 

You've convinced your child who has a dairy allergy that pepperoni pizza really isn't that good anyway.

You know 25 plus ways that your child's allergen may be listed in an ingredient statement.

You're on a first-name basis with the chefs at five local restaurants.

You've tipped an awesome waiter 50 percent for safe service.

You stockpile safe snacks when you find them in stores.

You've read more food labels than novels in the past year.

You've hugged a restaurant manager.

You've made a "Five Star Gourmet" meal in a standard two star hotel room.

OK. It's your turn. Let's see how creative we can make this list. 


JJ Vulopas is a rising senior at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. An advocate for young people, JJ has lived with food allergies his entire life. He is the author of the children's book, Land of Not. You can read his daily blog at www.thelandofcan.com and follow him @thelandofcan on Twitter and Instagram.