Situation Food Allergy: "My daughter has an allergy, too..."

Tuesday Waitress.jpeg

Situation food allergy. What would you do?

The friendly waitress shows you and your teen daughter to a table in the crowded restaurant. It's lunch, and you two are stopping there on your way home from visiting your parents in another state. As you always do, you ask to see the manager so you can discuss your daughter's food allergy.

"A food allergy?" the waitress says in a kind tone. "My daughter has a food allergy, too, so I know all about it. What are you allergic to?"

"Dairy," your daughter says. 

The waitress smiles. "My daughter, too."

The waitress opens the menu for your daughter and hands it to her. "No need for a manger," she says. "You pick whatever you want, and I'll make sure it's prepared safely." 


Throughout your food-allergy journey, you will inevitably meet various people who "deal" with food allergies. What would you say in this situation? Would you trust the waitress? Or would you still ask to see a manager?