Situation Food Allergy: Would your teen say something?


Situation Food Allergy: Your high school senior has a food allergy. She is eating dinner for the first time at her new boyfriend’s Grandma’s house. How would she react in this situation?

Your high school senior has been seeing her boyfriend for three weeks when he invites her to his Grandma’s for dinner.

“My Grandma is an awesome cook, and she agreed to make the entire meal safe for your milk and nut allergy,” he says.

The day of the big dinner arrives, and when they walk into the house they are greeted by the gourmet smells of Grandma’s special spaghetti sauce.

“Wow,” your daughter says. “I’m hungry.”

“Come in,” Grandma says guiding them to the kitchen. “I want to be sure everything is safe, so I put all the empty cans and spices on the counter, just so you can double-check and be sure.”

Your daughter reads the ingredients on the back of the tomato sauce cans. She looks at the spices. Indeed everything’s safe. Then she happens to glance just to the right, to the can opener. It’s nasty… like crusted-over food from the 90s nasty.

“Come sit down you two,” Grandma calls. “I worked all day on this meal, and I don’t want it to get cold.”

Your daughter approaches the the table as a beaming Grandma dishes a healthy portion of spaghetti with sauce onto her plate.

What does she do?