Situation Allergy: The substitute teacher and her Tootsie Rolls

A Tootsie Roll.jpg

Situation Allergy...

During dinner, your 8th grade daughter is talking to you about her school day.

She is going on and on about drama with her friends and about the unfair science teacher “who ALWAYS gives us too much busy work even though she will NEVER check it” and about a book she is reading. Typical school day.

Just as she is about to leave the table, though, she drops one more thought. “Oh, the substitute teacher in math handed out Tootsie Rolls to everyone because the class was good and Brandon thought it would be funny to throw one at Tyler but Tyler ducked and the Tootsie Roll hit me instead. He didn’t try it, Mom...”

You immediately feel your blood pressure rise. Your daughter is severely allergic to milk and the school assured you at the start of the year that all substitutes covering your daughter’s classrooms would be made aware of her allergy. And that Brandon… Brandon is a goofball who is always—

“Mom, promise me you won’t call the school. The substitute is a REALLY nice old lady. We all love her. And Brandon and Tyler were just messing around. Brandon just wanted to see if a chewed up Tootsie Roll would stick to Tyler’s shirt. He didn't try to hit me with it. They always mess around like that. They both felt really bad.”

You close your eyes and you run your hands over your face: "He chewed the Tootsie Roll first?"

“Mom. Don’t PLEASE get anyone in trouble. PLEASE. It was just a Tootsie Roll. Not a glass of milk or anything. Promise me, Mom. Promise me you aren’t going to say anything to anyone. I shouldn't have told you...”

You slide your hands from your face and open your eyes. What do you do?