Situation Allergy: "The Know-It-All Waiter!"

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The Know-It-All Waiter!

You are traveling with two other families and stop by a locally-owned, pub-style restaurant on the way home from a soccer tournament. Everyone is tired, hungry, and a bit grouchy from the long ride. As you enter the busy restaurant, you are greeted by an enthusiastic hostess, 16 or 17 years old. You explain to her that your daughter here has a food allergy, and that you would like to speak with a manager to see if the restaurant can accommodate her needs.

“What’s she allergic to?” the hostess asks.

“Dairy,” you say. “Milk."

She smiles. “We can accommodate milk allergies,” she says grabbing a handful of menus. “We do it all the time. If you follow me to the table, I’ll get a manager.”

The hostess guides you to the table, and you all sit and begin looking through the menus.

The waiter, Bobby, arrives before a manger, and he places a basket of bread down directly in front of your daughter.

“Got some of our freshly made bread to start you all off,” he says, as he serves water glasses to each person. Your eyes dart to the bread… and to the spoonful of butter that’s in the bread basket … and to the smaller dab of butter that on the corner of Bobby’s pinky … and to the even smaller smudge of butter that’s on the side of your daughter’s water glass. 

“I’m told someone here has an allergy,” he says in a tone that reminds you of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. “No need for a manager. I know exactly how you feel. My girlfriend’s aunt is lactose intolerant, too…”

You take a breath, just as your 12-year-old daughter gives you that “Mom-don’t-you-dare-embarrass-me-now-in-front-of-my-friends” look. 

What do you do? What’s the next thing you say to Bobby?

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