Food Allergy Pic 'n Play: Your attitude counts

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Guest Blogger: Jaime Gialloreto

This quote resonates with me on many levels. Having food allergies is not a choice, and it often causes daily problems. While having an allergy is not a choice, how you react to having an allergy is.

This quote goes beyond having an allergy. Life throws unexpected challenges at us everyday and it is our job to accept and adapt. As Miss New Jersey, I have had incredible opportunities, but I also have had to overcome many challenges to get where I am.

@jaimegialloreto has the keys to The Land of Can for the entire week. Jaime, who is Miss New Jersey 2018, studies Communications at Loyola University Maryland. Her inspiration for food-allergy advocacy stems from her younger brother Michael who has had multiple allergies and anaphylaxis since the age of 9-months-old. Read her posts this week on