Food Allergy School CANpaign:

1 book. 13 words. 1,000 schools.

I wrote Land of Not to help kids with food allergies discover their strengths. The message of the Land of Not, as one veteran educator said, will "Inspire, empower and transform every child to understand their possibilities rather than define themselves by their limitations."

Can you help me raise awareness for food allergies and empower kids by purchasing a book for an elementary school?  

  • Books purchased during this CANpaign also include an online Teacher's Guide, handouts and Can Constitution to reinforce the lessons of CAN and promote an asset-based mindset.

  • Choose your own school or allow us to select one on your behalf.

  • Perfect for elementary classrooms (K-4), school nurses' suites, counseling offices and libraries.

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The Land of Not

When 9-year-old Collin moves with his family to the Land of Not, he is shocked to discover that everyone in his school is sad because they define themselves by what they can't do. Soon, he develops a plan to show his new friends, including a food-allergic student, that true happiness comes from embracing who they are and who they can be, not who they're not. 

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Access the free 134-page Teacher’s Guide here. (Password is included in each CANpaign book)